Wednesday, February 11, 2009

2009 Topps Series 1 jumbo pack 4/10

On We go - I will post commentary with the card this time around other than the big list at the end....

290 Albert Pujols (and his junk making an appearance)

61 Berkman/Lee Classic Combos

65 Mike Pelfrey

257 George Kottaras RC

50 David Ortiz (giving a fist bump to God? he's not real David)

319 Brian Fuentes

314 Matt Treanor

275 Alex Rios

83 Ryan Garko

75 Rich Harden (real nice classic photo)

241 David Newhan

124 Reed Johnson

68 Kyle Loshe

316 Brian Stokes

52 Marco Scutaro

190 Chien Ming Wang

58 Travis Snider RC (my pre season pick for ROY)

312 Ryan Sweeney

45 Aubrey Huff

115 Kevin Youkilis (we all know he is a great player - but can you name any other star players right now who could look like any LESS of a great athelete?)

126 Orlando Hudson

31 Ian Stewart

330 Daisuke Matsuzaka

323 Vincente Padilla

258 Casey Kotchman

WBC Redemption Card

160 Evan Longoria Gold 1982/2009

RH19 Pedro Martinez Ring of Honor

LG17 Ted Williams Legends of the Game

TR8 Ryan Ludwick Turkey Red

TTT21 Chipper Jones Topps Town

David Wright wants you to do good in school

224 Max Scherzer

12 Andrew Carpenter RC

22 Longoria/Price Classic Combos (that makes 3 Price cards in the base set)

282 Chris Lambert RC

10 Dan Uggla (best fantasy team name - Beat with the Uggla Stick)

125 Roy Oswalt

223 Dave Roberts

20 Brad Lidge

297 Bud Black

19 Edgar Gonzalez

216 joe Maddon

247 Yuniesky Betancourt

120 Mark Texeira

291 Chris Coste

34 Brandon Inge

46 Brad Ziegler Gold Cup

17 Bobby Cox

109 Tom Gorzellany

317 Jarrod Saltalamacchia

Total Set 174/330- 53%

so glad to see a return to form from Topps


SamDaMan said...

hey steve would you be willing to trade your doubles when this box is done?? thanks

steveisjewish said...

yeah - all doubles are up for trade for sure - shoot me a want list when yo have one ready

SamDaMan said...

k i only have 2 packs of now so i probably need all of em