Thursday, February 12, 2009

2009 Topps Jumbo box pack 5/10

on we go!

98 Akinori Iwamura

166 Jeff Baker

199 Shrek... I mean Ramon Castro

57 Jo Jo Reyes

2 Omar Vizquel

277 Asdrubal Cabrera

198 Conor Jackson

42 Jeff Francoeur

146 Glen Perkins

302 Brian Giles

49 Kazuo Matsui

182 Daneil Murphy (I went bowling with him and Jon Niese and other B Mets - I'll tell the story sometime)

3 Andy Marte

74 Trey Hillman

191 Shane Victorino Postseason Highlights

267 Michael Bowden RC

202 Gaby Sanchez RC

208 James McDonald

217 Albert Pujols MVP

134 Evan Longoria ROy (That makes 3 Longoria cards so far)

TTT19 Carlos Quentin Topps Town

TR45 Miguel Cabrera Turkey Red

LG4 Ty Cobb Legends of the Game (I read somewhere he often had a batting average well over .300 and a racism average of nearly .985)

RH17 Gary Sheffield Ring of Honor

86 Kila Ka'Aihue RC Gold 116/2009

CBA-RP Ronny Paulino Career Best Auto

145 Alex Gordon

227 Freddy Sandoval RC

278 Phillies Win the Series (I hate the Phillies, but this is a fantastic card)

259 Lincecum/Haren/Santana League Leaders

246 Upton/Crawford/Longoria Postseason highlights (4 Longorias! this is overkill)

221 Lee/Halladay/Matsuzaka League Leaders

209 Alfredo Amezaga

18 George Sherrill

264 Dave Bush

39 Stephen Drew

167 Aaron Harang

313 Jamey Carroll

218 Emmanuel Burriss

285 Justin Duchscherer

161 Brendan Harris

15 Nate McLouth

171 Jeff Bailey

100 David Wright (the Franchise!)

41 Mike Mussina

289 Josh Banks
59 Eric Gagne (you know - sometimes you want to say something bad about someone and all the comes out is an exasperated sigh)

305 Ivan Rodriguez

160 Evan Longoria gold cup (I think Longorias are sorted at a rate of 1 per pack)

133 Brandon Jones

Set 218/330 = 66%

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Jeffrey Wolfe said...

I can't wait to pull that McClouth card. It looks awesome.