Saturday, February 21, 2009

Hiatus -

So the move is in 7 days - all the cards have been packed for a while - I would not anticipate any posts for about 10-14 days or such - take care everyone - this means all you will see is the body count posts on Monday (and the next if need be) and winners will be announced as I can - any trade requests will be handled when I am settled in - shoot me a line and I will stay in touch about it. Take care everyone!

New Address
125 1/2 Helen St
Binghamton NY

dont send me anthrax or anything ok?


Steve said...

Good luck in your move . . . "see" you in two weeks (or whenever you unpack and get back to blogging). . . be safe !

Slette said...

Hope the stuff I sent arrives before you move - I mailed to the old address.

Wax Heaven said...

Good luck!

night owl said...

I'll write down your new address.

I've been away from Binghamton too long. I have no idea where Helen Street is.

Matt F. said...

I want to send a little package to you...should I send it to the new address or just wait until you return?