Thursday, February 26, 2009

Body Count Thread

Here is the thread for next weeks 2 hour long episode. Looks like a bloody one. Prize is yet to be determined, but I will make it good. I'd like to see at least 10 guesses here - even if you don't watch it doesnt matter.... just throw a guess out.

how many kills for Jack?
Everyone else?

Take it easy - results will be up late next week


RoofGod said...

Jack - 5
Everyone Else - 11

FanOfReds said...

Jack kills 12
Others kill 12

24 die in 24. That'd be a good episode.

MDA said...

I don't watch, but I'll say:

Jack - 6
Others - 11

Anonymous said...

Jack 6
Everyone else 12

MMayes said...

I'm just playing for fun....

Jack kills 4
Everyone else kills 13

Total body count 17