Saturday, February 14, 2009

the Rest of the box

So Here's the deal - I really just want to file all the cards and such, but I have this box with all the cards still in wrappers and I Just don't feel like doing it anymore - so what we will do is tell you this.

I got the whole set.

I will just scan in some of the best of rest here.
I had to include Santana and Niese here - total Mets bias. One of the hot rookies from the set Mat Gamel - he needs another T. The Mickey Card is classic and i Love the photo on the Upton Card. Pee Wee Reese was the only Legend Short Print I was Able to pull

Here are some great photos of Milledge and Sizemore making a few web gems. A- Roid. Thats it.

These Legends are easily the best insert Topps has done since I have been back into collecting.
Thanks for reading - next week we will have breaks of 09 UD Series 1 and 08 UD Documentary

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