Monday, February 16, 2009

2009 Upper Deck Series 1 Hobby Box

OK - So last week I grabbed up 2 boxes of 09 UD hobby - I planned on spacing them out a bit more than this - but I am moving in about 10 days which means that my cards need to get packed and my focus most move on for a few weeks - so you may see a post up here or there, but probably not until we are totally settled in the new place - I might schedule up some TTM posts or something - we will see.

Anyway - here are the results from box 1 - i'll show off box 2 tomorrow and also get my want list up. This first group of cards is for all my fellow bloggers - I know I haven't seen as much Upper Deck on the blog scene as Topps, which I feel is okay, since I really like the Topps product better this year (and last year i got totally hard for UD) -so if you haven't seen your favorite players yet - here you go. We've got Granderson for Grand Cards, Martin For the Night Owl, Miller for Mario, Chipper for Dayf and Captain Canuck, Mauer for Gelman, and a few "Linceys" for Bailey.

Next up were my favorite cards from the box, which of course are Met-centric. Of course Wright and Reyes - the centerpieces of this franchise - we have a great photo of L- Millz, My ROY preseason pick Travis Snider, and a few local Binghamton Mets who grew up last year, Nick Evans and Bobby Parnell.

Next up are just a few of the inserts received. No one cares about YSL, no one cares about documentary. I don't care about the Upper Deck Legacy, and I really don't care about these - as far as the insert card goes, Topps totally busted a good one all up on upper decks proverbial face. The OPCs are nice - I'm glad I got Wright, but really - don't care. The Stars of the Game are nice - Glad I got Wright, but really, who cares - and the rivals.. whatever. All but the Wrights are available - I will be pursuing all the Mets from these however, so if you also don't care, keep me in mind for those.

And Finally, the 3 box hits - First we have a triple swatch of Chris Duncan 73/99. Trade block
Brandon Phillips 2 swatch 134/149 - Trade Block
Troy tulowitzki game used swatch and auto 44/99
So, the Tulo I Might hang onto for a while seeing as this is my only card with both a GU and Auto on it - but I am sure eventually if I see a Met I need and someone comes calling for old Troy here, I wont shed a tear to see him go.


FanOfReds said...

I like the Phillips card!

You are right though, Upper Deck seems to be in second place for the base set this year...and most the inserts haven't seemed all that special to me either - though I still haven't found any packs of either '09 Topps or '09 Upper Deck near me.

Grand Cards said...

Steve, let me know if that Granderson could use a loving home!