Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Body Count Results - Episode 7

Well, Jack had his most active week so far, with a total of 5 kills. Everyone else clocked in with 10. this leaves us with a total of 15 kills for this episode.

Once again, nobody guessed the exact kill count, so the prize will carry over til next week. There were 2 guesses for 12 kills, but one was closer with Jacks count. they are below.

MMayes of the wonderful 72 Topps blog guessed 2 kills for jack (not with kindness) and 12 overall.

Reader Don guessed 12 kills total, with 4 by Jack.

Since he was closer, he will get a point towards the end of season prize if there is anything unclaimed by imperfect guesses.

Point Tallies

Don - 1
Andy (of the 88 Score Traded/Rookie Blow) - 1

The rookie cards and 100 card team lot will carry over to next week.

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