Monday, February 23, 2009

Body Count Thread

We all know the rules -

all guesses by 9pm EST on this thread

up for grabs
100 card teams set
rookies of johnson, Sosa, biggio, Baines, Schilling
09 Topps Munson Patch Card
09 Topps Ronny Paulino Auto
08 Allen & Ginter Johnny Damon bat card
and now added to the fold
A pack of 09 UD and 09 Topps series 1!

Good luck and keep the guesses coming!


SamDaMan said...

ill say jack kills 2 and total kill 5

Anonymous said...

jack kills 3
everyone else kills 1

Duane said...

I'm taking what I planned on taking last week

Jack 0
everyone else 0

Captain Canuck said...

I'll go with
Jack - 0
Others - 3

Don said...

I will say Jack = 0, all others = 1

MMayes said...

Jack kills 1
Others kill 2

Total deaths 3