Sunday, February 15, 2009

Card Show Goodies

I Went to the local card show last Sunday to get some supplies and pick up some more cards towards my Topps inserts -

One Dealer had some boxes of singles for sales, one was labeled rookies/Game Used 3/$10

And this is what I pulled from there - We have an 85 Donruss Kirby Puckett. This is man who did nothing half assed - we all know he was a fantastic player who had to retire too young, who also died to young. however, thanks to Sports Illustrated we also know that he was a world class asshole who one time used an electric saw to get through a door that was impeding him from hitting his wife. Baseball has more than its share of these polarizing figures.

Next we have a Sweet Spot classic Will Clark bat card. Nothing bad to say about Will - He and Griffey JR had the best left handed swings of all of their contemporaries - great, great player.

Finally, just because I needed to find one more I took this ugly Topps Gallery Roberto Alomar bat card. whatever.

Now Finally - the purchase that made me happiest

Oh yeah. I have wanted this card since I was 9. $2

Fuck Face MOJO! I kinda hate myself now.

Also - I just wanted to give a quick shout out to Dan @ Grand Cards for being a great trade partner. He sent me a bunch of cards for my 07 Topps UH set for a few Grandersons and a card I did not yet own, the Galaragga GU card from 08 Topps - He was super patient when it took me way longer than expected to secure the card from my buddy who was the owner - so everyone release your Granderson's to Dan and he will take care of you.

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gritz76 said...

I can remember when my Grandpa bought me the Fuck Face card back in '89. My Grandma was so pissed! He thought it was so funny. He always got me the best cards.