Monday, February 16, 2009

Body Count Thread

I'm gonna leave this up for the week. Let's see if we can someone to take the whole prize

We know the rules yes?

if not check out prior posts - its easy

Jack kills ____
others Kill_____

up for grabs

* Thurmon Munson Manufactured letter patch (T)
* Rookies
* 100 card team lot
and this weeks addition
2009 Topps Career Best auto of Ronny Pauling
2008 Allen and Ginter Johnny Damon GU bat relic (framed)

all comments must be in before 9pm easterm on Monday

Lets try to get more than 4 people this week - even if you dont watch, throw a guess out there - its worked for Chris!


RoofGod said...

Jack = 7
Rest= 8

SamDaMan said...

jack kills 2
rest kill 6

Slette said...

Jack kills 0
Rest kill 3

Don said...

Jack kills 4
Others kill 6

FanOfReds said...

Jack: 3
Others: 2

As a side note, many many thanks for the cards you sent me! I'll have a post up sometime this week but I wanted to be sure to acknowledge the generosity here too!

Chuck's Used Cards said...

I used to watch regularly - before J's jail time - hope to back on track.

ok - I'll guess

Jack = 3
others = 4


dinged corners said...

Jack = 4
Others = 7

That's our first choice, but if we can't have Jack/4 because it's taken, then our fallback is:
Jack = 1
Others = 7

Anonymous said...

Jack: 3
Others: 5

MMayes said...

Relatively quiet week to do some plot development:

Jack kills 1
Rest kill 2

Total dead 3

This is absolutely freaking great. My word verification is


Not just dead. Deadd.

Duane said...

Jack 0
Everyone else 1