Sunday, May 31, 2009

2009 Topps Series 2 Jumbo Box Pack 6

Working on pack 6 of the break now and for the first time there was not a single player from any of my fantasy teams here - have I cleaned them all out? I doubt that, but we will see.

I did get one Met - Brian Schneider - not exactly waiting with bells on for his return - he's a nice player - he's exactly who we traded for - just so underwhelming though - I'd rather take my chances with Santos and Castro - but money says that Santos will take the trip to AAA when Brian comes back.

There was a nice batch of inserts in this pack that you can see below.

Legends of the Game Reggie Jackson - Man - these are really nice - Topps really nailed some of its insert sets this year.

Topps Town Ian Kinsler - a man who is helping my dynasty league quite a bit this year.

Turkey Red Mark Teixeira - he's finally hitting for the Yanks - so that sucks

Kurt Suzuki Gold 1656/2009 - man my gold cards have stunk this box

ROH - Chris Carpenter - meh

Red Hot Rookie Redemption #9 - when does the list come out? not until August right?

Thats a bit more like - there are now 4 redemption's I am waiting for from Topps dating back to November 2008


night owl said...

Castro just got traded to the White Sox, so it looks like Mets are going with Schneider and Santos.

steveisjewish said...

I know! can you tell that I wrote this post about 4 days ago then forgot to update it hahaha