Friday, March 6, 2009

i'm back - sorta

OK - Everything is where it needs to be.

Cards are now in a much smaller closet.

I have too many of them.

over the next - however long it takes I'll getting rid of a lot of cards - mostly doubles and extras from old sets I'm working on - will be a lot of good starter sets if anyone is interested... I'll post more details as I get around to that.

Body Count - not getting its own post this week - I just watched last weeks episode and the the total count was

Jack - 1
Rest - 18
Total - 19

Bailey over at the Nennth Inning came closest with a guess of 18 kills - so he will be added to the leftovers drawing at the end of the season. Here are those who have points now

Chris - 1 point
Andy - 1 point
Don - 1 point
Duane - 1 point
Bailey - 1 point

I decided that last weeks contest winning would be 2 packs of 09 Heritage. Since I have yet to go back through all of my cards for next weeks prize - it will be a pack of 09 Topps Series 1 and 09 Ud series one.... so we have 4 packs on the table for next week now!. Official thread will be posted later tonight or tomorrow.

If I owe you my end of a trade - please shoot me an email or leave me a comment here - I have about 10 unopened packages yet from the move that is all cards - so it may still take me a bit - thats my project next week. Today, errands, tomorrow - Dynasty league auction draft, sunday - work. so really, I wont be back here until Monday and thats when it should be business as usual.

Good to back -

My quick opinions - Razorgate - who cares. I know that I get more excited about a Tom Browning Auto than Grover Cleaveland...

Dayf - good luck meng - we're pulling for ya

Craigslist Idiots is the best series of posts on any blog to date.

Also - While away - now up over 5,000 posts - Thank you! thats awesome.

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