Monday, March 9, 2009

2009 Heritage Jumbo Box Part 1

So last week I made quick stop at the card shop to see if any Heritage had arrived and boy had they. This was not your normal box though, this was something I had not seen online or anywhere else (granted I wasn't looking per say...) but for $99 he had Jumbo boxes of the 09 Topps Heritage line. 20 packs, 16 cards per pack, Sps 1:2 packs. So although I really only wanted to spend about $70... it got the best of me. Heres the highlights.

First of course - the Mets - I figured this is the best way to highlight the normal base cards. I did not think I was going to really like this years set, but once I got them in my hands - blows last year out of the water as far as I am concerned. I like the small action shot - I love the clean backs - Home run.

Here are some SPs from the set - the only way to differentiate them from the regular cards this year I think is the shaded backs - am I right on this? I have not yet seen an official SP list so I am not sure.
Here are some more SPs, Allstars and floating coaches.

And here, go figure is the highlight of the set for me... I love these coach cards - the design on the front is fantastic and could be a whole set on its own. This is classic baseball carding right here. And gain - they nailed the backs.

And here are just a few of the other designs in the base set - we have the All Star Rookie Team - we have the regular Rookie Stars, we have a poorly photo shopped James Shields who just saw someone get hit in the nads with Kazmir and Price, and finally - the is it or is it not an SP of ARAMIS.

Inserts tomorrow.


Grand Cards said...

I just got my first few cards the other day and love them. They are first rate.

Jeffrey Wolfe said...

Yup I think the sps are 426-500

Slette said...

Did you get an Andy Pettitte in the box, and if so, how is his last name spelled? I've seen his regular card spelled "Pettite" with his chrome, refractor, black refractor and box topper all spelled correctly.