Monday, March 30, 2009

It's GCRL week (or 2) at the Easy Life

So 2 days ago my wife comes upstairs with a 400 count box that came in the mail. I wonder - wow - this is sweet - who sent this. A look at the return address shows Jim from Garvey, Cey, Russell, and Lopes. (GCRL going forward). Now this is what I thought was from a simple UD Timelines trade. He gets simple yellow mailer - I get 400 count box. This is not acceptable - I will have to scour through old cards and find some dodgers for him one day - but now, I will just devote much of this and next week to digging through this gigantic and wonderful box of cards!

The first cards I will feature are the ones I knew were coming. Some UD Timelines!
Here are two base SPs Of Nick Adenhart and Micah Hoffpauir. These are a few guys with all the talent needed to play in the bigs, just really haven't put it together yet. Both got some PT last year and saw some success. Haffpauir did enough that I have seen some call him the heir apparent to Derrek Lee. Adenhard I feel still needs some AAA time until he is ready.
Next we have Hernan Iribarren. I know nothing about him except that he fills a need for me in my set. For that, I like him - for now.

Next up are my favorite cards from the set - the Black and White floating head subset (I know its a re print of something, but I don't really care/remember of what). Jim sent me over a future Hall of Famer and few All Stars to boot. Randy Johnson (sleeper pick for fantasy this year), Chien-Ming Wang (the most boring player on the Yankees), Derrek Lee (not what he once was, but still a nice player) and Alofonso Soriano (It must be frustrating to be a Cubs fan).

Finally, we have some of the die cut prospects (or guys who have been int he league for a few years and haven't become full time players yet). We got Glen Perkins (had him last year on my fantasy team at the end - seems like a capable lefty starter or long man), Jeff Baker (I see a lot of things stating this is the year he could see 400 ABs for Colorado) and Nyjer Morgan - this dude sucks and I always pull his auto from stuff.

so thank you Jim! This is the first of many posts from your box of awesomeness - tomorrow the Mets parade starts!

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gcrl said...

glad they got there. i had a need to purge some mets. i received the cards you sent and will post about em soon. more dodgers in the future would be great, though. thanks!