Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Return Package from The Pettitte Pursuit

A while back I sent Eric... something - Either a Posada or Pettitte GU or both. Don't recall - I really forgot all about it. I do remember stating he was going to go buy something comparable to send back - told him not necessary but what he did do was great - got a 100 or someodd mets cards in my mail box last week! Here are a few quick highlights.

Of course we see many David Wrights here. The only one I did not already have was the star quest, but its nice to have doubles if I need to barter with another Wright fan!

The rest of the cards were a slew of goodies. There were a TON of hojos... we know I love my HoJos. Also some cards of new players - That Bobby Bo will be going out in the mail sooner or later to get scribbled on.. I've been waiting to get a Mets DK of him for a while.

So Thank you Eric - Hopefully your boy did not get short printed on you in Heritage this year - actually, hopefully it did, and I can sell it, then get cards I need. sorry

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Slette said...

Your words about Pettitte are hurtful. But I understand. Glad you got 'em okay!