Friday, March 13, 2009

Trade With Phil from Cheese and Beer

A while back I received a package from Phil over at the newish Cheese and Beer blog. In exchange for what is going to be a bunch of 1987/89 Topps doubles for his sets he got me within 1 Topps town needed for my set and also included 6 more Turkey Red inserts.

I think that Topps Town cards are a revelation this year. I know that some people don't agree - but making them all different with actual star players and numbers - its like a real card -at least I can fool myself into thinking so.

Now I've gone on record not being a fan of the Turkey Red set. I've gotten a few packs here and there through the years - never really dug it - inexplicably though, I love the inserts this year. I''m just a fickle collector I guess.

So thank you Phil - and if you haven't yet, go check out Cheese and Beer if for no other reason than to scan down and watch the Dick's commercial with Jimmy Rollins. I want to hate him, but that shit is funny.


FanOfReds said...

Which Topps Town do you still need? I've got a whole bunch listed for trade on my blog right now - I've got duplicates of almost all of them...

If I have the one you need, send me an email or comment on my blog and it's yours.

JD's Daddy said...

I don't suppose in all of your boxes, you might have accumulated some Turkey Red Dups?