Thursday, March 19, 2009

Jeff Comes Through Again

So, a few weeks ago an envelope with a few cards in it comes to my residence. I know just by the handwriting on the return address its from the junkie Jeff Wolfe. I don't know how he does it - but it seems that every few weeks, there are a few more cards knocked off my want list w/o any provocation. He might be the nicest dude out there.

So, I will be sending back some 09 Topps his way as I make my way through the pile - everyone -I'm working on it - had a sick wife for the last 2 days which meant no internetting.

So here are the first 2 cards that were sent over. I figured since he sent 2 Team checklists, 2 Team leaders, and 2 rookies I would pit them against each other. Unfortunately for the Reds here, they are going against my boys, the Metropolitans. I'll just take them left to right and see who wins. I'm going to do this by who I would rather build my team around. I know that there are a few bloggers who may not agree.

Edison Volquez wv. Jose Reyes. Volquez is nice and has crazy upside - but Jose is one of the 3 premier shortstops in the major leagues. I feel like he is the no brainer choice here.

Brandon Phillips vs. David Wright. C;mon... do I have to even say it? Wright by a landslide.

Edwin Encarnacion vs. Carlos Delgado. At least this one an argument can be made - Edwin's upside could someday match a Delgado down year - but he isnt yet the presence in the line up since he k's too often. Delgado it is.
For the team checklists we have 2 former division rivals. We have a slugger who we are about to see if he can make his own way leaving Coors field and entering the cavernous park in Oakland and a young righty who has taken the league by storm. Gun to my head - Lincecum. Bailey will be pleased I'm sure.
Finally we have a few rookies. Michael Bowdon of the Red Sox and Matt Antonelli from the Padres. Without doing much research, I recall Bowdon being a highly touted guy from Boston's system who doesnt really have lights out stuff. Just great control and good cunning. Antonelli shit the bed in his call up last year and good luck hitting in Petco. Bowdon it is.

Thanks Jeff - I'll be working on getting some of those 09 Topps to you stat!

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