Friday, March 20, 2009

An Ultra Package from State on the Back

And with this post - I am caught up on incoming packages - So if you are waiting for something from me - (since I am writing this on 3/13) your package should be to you very shortly if not already.

Mark from Stats on the Back was kind enough to send me nearly every card I need for this 91 Fleer Ultra set - I now just need a few of the inserts and a few more base than I am done. Since I did not really know which cards to feature - I figured I would throw some mid air beauties up for the girls over at Dinged Corners.Here is Jose Lind, Jay Bell, and Bill Speiers (2 of the 3 I have gotten autos through the mail of) doing what they did best. Fielding.

And now that these are all put away - I am going to go do what I do best.
Take it Easy
Music - Goldfinger

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