Monday, March 23, 2009

Body Count Thread

Jack -

Winner this week gets a stack of 12 random Chrome/refracters from various 07/08 Topps products - there are definately some star players so this isnt just cleaning out the closet so to speak. Lets see what you guys thing? Can Duane nail it 2 weeks in a row?

Of course all guesses due by 9pm EST Monday


RoofGod said...

Jack - 1
Rest - 2

MMayes said...

We're going to get a little action down in Alexandria this week:

Jack - 4
Others - 7

Total clean-up - 11

Anonymous said...

Jack - 3
Others - 3

FanOfReds said...

Jack: 2
Others: 4

PS: That Topps Town card I said I had for you will be in the mail tomorrow.

beardy said...

jack 2
others 3

Duane said...

shoot out coming, so no confidence in this weeks guess....