Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Thoughts and Sox and Bubble Mailers

This is one of the last three packages that I have gotten in the past few weeks that I am just getting the time to look through, organize and such. First up was a few Timelines cards I needed for my set. Chris from Nachos Grande sent me a hand full of these as well so between the two packages - this one coming from Adam over @ Thoughts and Sox - there were a few doubles - these two however I did need for my set - a few imports. One has proven to be a bonafide major leaguer. The other - well at least he probably doesn't understand most of what the Chicago fans yell to him in right field.

Next up is a Jay Payton certified auto from 2000 Fleer - This a cool card because even when the Mets were at their best or worst, I was always a Payton fan - I remember one summer before he got hurt he was the only guy on the team you could count on to always hit the ball hard and run hard too. It's too bad his career has stalled - I will always root for him.
Finally - what is a package from a team collector without a bunch of Mets? This was especially nice because I either did not have these cards, or they had counterparts as parts of sets - not in my separate David Wright or Mets collections. I love any Jon Niese cards I can get - as you know I get very invested in my former B Mets. And I don't know about anyone else - but I really like this years Starquest cards. You can put me on the record.

So Adam - Thank you kindly foryour generosity. It is much appreciated and I will see about reciprocating that generosity.
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