Tuesday, March 31, 2009

MMays takes the win! Body Count Results

Congratulations to Mike of the 1972 Topps Blog for winning his second Body Count week! He correctly guessed that Jack would kill noone and everyone else would kill only 1.

notes on the show -

Seaton is douche and looks like Ron Livingston (Office Space)
Olivia Taylor is a hot douche
Jack wont die - he's signed up for 2 more seasons
His scars look like cottage cheese

Congrats Mike! Cards will go out today or tomorrow!


Dan said...

Who died? The guy that Seaton killed to spring Almeda is actually alive. He was the leader of the strike team countering the FBI.

MMayes said...

I'm in agreement (unfortunately). Unless I missed it, the guy who was getting ready to kill Tony was the only guy that "died", but then he showed up at the end of the episode. Seaton "killing" him was part of the ruse to lure the FBI to the wrong part of the Starkwood complex.

I went through most of that episode thinking I had a shot of being a 2-time winner and then having that damn Jonas Hodges jerk it away at the last minute. Damn you to hell, Hodges!!!!

steveisjewish said...

well i'll be a son of a monkeys uncle - i had a super stressfull day here today (layoffs at the office) - im okay- and i missed that - i feel pretty lame now... This would actually make Duane the winner! how about that! I'll have to update the site or at least email him later - thank you dutifull readers!~