Tuesday, March 10, 2009

24 Body Count Results

There was an explosion - I was unable to tell exactly how many went down - So I went by bodies that I saw fly -

Jack - 4
Rest - 15
Total - 19

we did not have a winner this week, so all the packs will carry over to next week. Don made it the closest with a guess of 9 Kills. here are the end of year point standings

Chris - 1 point
Andy - 1 point
Don - 2 points
Duane - 1 point
Bailey - 1 point

I'd like to take a minute to morn (spoiler alert if you already watched) the passing of Bill Buchannon. He was fictional and brave. Also -= who was thrilled to see Aaron Pierce with a machine gun... really - could he be any cooler? well, if he didn't bone Martha Logan that would have been better . she was bat shit crazy

Next weeks thread will be up in a day or 2


Slette said...

I almost started bawling when Bill died. True story. And I still don't know if I trust Tony.

MMayes said...

You could kind of see Bill deciding to "do the right thing" after Jack essentially called him a wussy. I think that's part of why Jack felt so bad afterwards.

I agree about Aaron Pierce. He's a stud. I'd say he may be done for this season, but we know he'll be around next year. They've given a couple of clues about what happened with the Logans, but it's still kind of up in the air. I wonder if Charles will be making another appearance?

Anonymous said...

Jack should have cried for Bill. What ever happened to Karen Hayes?

MMayes said...

Karen Hayes was left up in the air after the last season. She was fired and things between her and Bill were a little rocky since she was forced to fire Bill. However, I suspect we're going to find they reconciled and it wouldn't surprise me to find that she makes her way into providing some background support for Jack later on.