Friday, January 16, 2009

1989 Topps Want List

Here is another one -

I need to ask - does anyone know of any websites (not ebay) where you can buy singles from sets for cheap? I did a quick search at work last night and did not quite find what I was looking for. I came across a site that was great a few months ago - most of the cards were between 5 and 20 cents for commons - but for the life of me I cannot remember. Thanks for any heads ups you have!

Here is what I need!


Mark from his Ephemera blog has me 32 cards closer to completion!
Reader Duane got me 5 cards closer!
Dayf the Cardboard Junkie got me very much closer to set completion
Jeff @ Cardboard Junkie got me a small amount closer to set completion! Thank you sir!
Cliff @ Capewood's Collections got me to within 15 cards to go! Thank you sir!
2 more from Greg the Night Owl
3 more to go thanks to Greg @ Lake Effect Cards!


Jeffrey Wolfe said...

I heard is very good for this sort of thing. As for your '89 Topps I will be busting a jumbo pack (100 cards) of this possibly as soon as tomorrow evening so I will send you any you need =)

dayf said...

I found about 40 off your list, I'll send you an e-mail tonight.

gcrl said...

i have purchased from before. 18 cents is the usual price i found.

Slette said...

Checkoutmycards is great, but not for 1989 Topps set building necessarily. You pay a 25 cent processing fee per card, which adds up quickly. That being said, I love that site.

MDA said...

I guess I was trying to build the set long ago. I've got a box of dupes. Maybe I should see what I need and we could trade.

scurries off to the kitchen table with a pad of paper and a pencil

MDA said...

I've got about 30 cards that are duplicates. They are listed below. I've put together my want list, but haven't typed it in yet. I'll post it over at my card blog, Mark's Ephemera.

Here's what I have that you need...
14, 18, 55, 63, 111, 139, 160, 204, 287, 312, 360, 369, 389, 403, 415, 420, 441, 447, 468, 482, 551, 553, 554, 610, 615, 628, 644, 661, 688, 729, 736

MDA said...

I found two more for you:

289, 359

My Want List is now posted.

Jeffrey Wolfe said...

Hey Steve I'm mailing 49,100,177,230, and 530 out to you today.