Tuesday, January 20, 2009

30 Packs for $15 Part 3 (I think)

So Next up in my recent repack box purchase was 5 packs of 89 Topps. Let's see what we got

Pack 1

Dave Valle
Kevin Bass
Jay Tibbs
Benny Santiago
Barry Lyons
Rick Cerone
Bryn Smith
Dave Schmidt
Gary Carter Record Breaker
Bobby Bonilla All Star
Robin Ventura #1 Draft Pick
Danny Tartabull
Joe Magrane
Jack McKeon
Ron guidrey

Well - got a rookie of my all time favorite player Robin Ventura, Also got bobby Bo who is a great signer by mail, 2 Mets, a Gator, and a catcher to throw from his knees - great way to start!

Pack 2

Giants Leaders
Tim Flannery
Don Slaught
Ricky horton
Dave West
Shawon Dunston
Greg Minton
Danny Darwin
joe Morgan
whitey Herzog
Ken Gerhart
Wade Boggs
Curt Ford
Curt Wilkinson
Steve Curry

A HOF in Boggs, the "rifelman" Shawon Dunston and another Met - so far so good!

Pack 3

Scott Garelts
Mark Davis
Mike Smithson
Pat Clements
Mike Davis
Tim Birstas
Paul Mirabella
Terry Puhl
Scott Lusader
Chili Davis
Terry McGriff
Andy Bens #1 Draft Pick
Jeff Robinson
Wes Gardner

Not too much here besides Chili, Mike, and Mark Davis

Pack 4

Mike Scott
Charlie Leibrandt
Terry Clark
Mickey Hatcher
Luis Polonia
mitch Williams
Calvin Schiraldi
Roger Clemens
Lee Mazzilli
Tom Browning
Tom Pagnozzi
Jose Oquendo
Bob Forsch
Barry Bonds
junior Ortiz

Pretty good pack here of people most Mets fans hate. 1) Mike Scott and his damn ball scoffing almost costing us a trip to the world series 2) Barry Bonds - well we all hate him 3) Roger Clemens - another nemesis in 86 - also was originally drafted by the Mets but chose college over the Apple and 4) Lee Mazzelli - we actually don't hate him, but I am pretty sure he laid pipe in my cousin Denise.

Pack 5

Tracy Jones
Charlie O'Brien
Charlie Puleo
Tony Fernandez
Dave Righetti
Ron tingley
Jim Snyder
Trevor Wilson
Carlton Fisk
Brian Holton
Brewers Leaders
Mel Hall
john Davis
Cecil Espy Gold Cup
Steve Lombardozzi

Pudge is really the only player of note here - I had a lot of fun with these packs especially since I just started putting together the set.

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