Thursday, January 29, 2009

Clearance Trade with Andy 88

When Andy of 88 Topps and 78 Topps called it quits like the rest of you, I was sad to see him go, but when he announced the great 70s Topps purge, I had to jump in line for the Mets cards! I sent him a few game used cards I had hanging around in return, A Billy Wagner and a few Biggio's I think and what I found in the mail was incredible! A bunch of 70s Mets Topps cards from the years 74, 73, 71, and of course, 1978!

I chose just to highlight one page of my favorites.

First up we have Tom Terrific from the 73 Set. This was the one Seaver card in the lot and of course it's my favorite card I received. As a lifelong Mets fan whose life hasnt been that long, I never got to see Tom pitch in person, but I've done lots of reading and am certain that he along with Mike Piazza is the greatest Met of all time.

Another card I loved is of the Stork, George Theordore. Besides looking like the A/V guy at your highschool according to the cartoon on the back, he also enjoys marshmellow milk shakes. Now I can die in peace knowing that.

Eddie Kranepool is the quintessential early Met - he held the longest tenure of any of the inaugural squad and lends his name to the great mets blog the Ed Kranepool Society.

Skip Lockwood has a dirty name

Now - I am too lazy to do the proper researching on this, but if memory serves me correctly Joel Youngblood is the only player to play for 2 different teams in one day when he was traded between the Mets and the Expos during a double header. But like I said, I could be wrong. If I am, feel more than happy to correct and I'll be a better person for it.

I am supremely jealous of Bob Apodaca's haircut.

And finally Bobby V - I can barely recognize him without his glasses.

So now that I have this great package, I got one last surprise late last night when I saw that Andy is back in the fold with the 88 Score Traded Blog! So everyone, get ready for a daily dose of mediocre players and better analysis! It's been a great read so far, but there have been errors on both cards 1 and 2 - so lets see how far that continues!


night owl said...

And I am supremely jealous of that Seaver card. Very nice.

Re: Youngblood being the first to play for two different teams on the same day. You are correct, sir!

The Theodore cartoon is one of my all-time favorites.

Andy said...

Sorry, Greg. Steve lucked out by being the first guy to respond to my liquidation trade request, so all the Mets got set aside from him. When gcrl looks at the 78 set I sent him and notices all the Mets missing, he'll know where they went...

I have to say also that Steve sent me a massive bounty of relic cards in exchange for what I sent him. He was very generous and it was much, much appreciated.