Thursday, January 1, 2009

A New Year - The Easy Life Gets Harder

I'm a lucky guy and its been a great time so far. I am blessed with a fantastic wife, great family, and the best friends a guy could ever ask for. That's why I called this blog the Easy Life - its a name that was meant to be used about 12 years ago for a punk rock fanzine I was going to write with my friend Carla. While that never got off the ground, I never forgot the name - always thought it suited me.

So while nothing has changed in that first paragraph - I feel like this year is going to be the best but most challenging year of my life. As I have mentioned, I have a baby on the way. While I cannot wait to meet the little one and be the best Dad that I can be, I know that my free time and disposable cash will dwindle quit a bit. We have to move in March or so to make room for the baby - That is never a fun time, and finally - My job is at jeopardy - I don't know that I have ever mentioned it on here, but I work for AIG as an Underwriter - and now, I don't go quail hunting or get included in spa retreats. But with everything that has gone on, my division is up for sale and who knows where that will leave me and my family.

So what does this mean to you, the reader? Well for right now, nothing really. Posts should still be coming about 5 times a week or more, I'll still be trading and building sets, and helping you with yours. But in the long run, I think you will see more of my other interests creeping into the blog for a few reasons.

1) Money - very soon I'm not going to have any. With a baby on the way I'm going to be shifting myself into debt clearing / prepare of baby mode. I'm going to try to give myself a card budget, but at this moment, I cannot guarantee anything. I'd like to have my card paid off by May, that means double payments.

2) Break the monotony. I've never really felt that I had something to say, and while I think I do an OK job here at the Easy Life - I know that there are many blogs out there covering the same beat and doing a much better job at it. Whether it be analysis, news breaking, controversy, box breaks, history - I'm lightweight in a sea of heavy hitters. And that's okay. But to help get a bit more of a voice, I may start mixing things up a little bit. The focus will always be on cards, that will not change, but you will see more of me show up here. Hopefully you'll stick around with me.

One thing that I plan on doing on here on a sidebar, or something - I haven't really decided how yet, but I am a big dude - I mean BIG - over 3 bills and with baby on the way I need to start taking care of myself. So I will be doing a Biggest Loser - Easy Life Edition if you will. and to help garner your support, I will be figuring out some kind of contest to go along with every 10 pounds shed. I know that my wife and friends will love me now matter what I do - but if I have to answer to all of the Internet, well that's pressure! So I will figure that out - there will also be a weekly 24 body count contest that I will be doing, so if there are any fans of the show - keep an eye out here for more details as we get closer to the premier.

Well, I figured it out, so I will just amend this scheduled post and add it in - I currently weigh... 339 pounds - holy smokes! So here it is - everytime I lose 10 pounds - there will be a post with a trivia question of some kind - simply to be the first to say congratulations and answer the question - I will send you a gift of some kind - sometimes it will be a bunch of stuff, sometimes it will just be a little thing - I do hope you enjoy and participate!

I still have a lot of ideas going forward that I think people will enjoy. I guess time will tell. That said - Happy New Year everyone and take care of yourselves.


night owl said...

Well, you're approaching 2009 in the right way. Best of luck.

The one thing that will go out the window when you have a new baby -- more than money, is time. There will be not enough time for anything for about a year and a half.

And you will crave sleep like you never have before.

dayf said...

Good luck with the weight and good luck with the kid! Listen to Night Owl, just go to sleep now and don't wake up until the baby arrives.