Saturday, January 31, 2009

TTM Success Mike Bielecki

Here are a few cards that I have received back in the mail from former Major Leaguer Mike Bielecki. Mike had a nice career pitching from 1984 - 1997 with the Pirates, Braves, Cubs, Indians, Braves, Angels, and Braves. His best season came in 1989 when he won 18 games with the Cubs. His best decision probably came in 1993 while with the Indians. He was invited to go on the boat trip with teammates Steve Olin, Tim Crews, and Bobby Ojeda. He declined. That day there was an accident that killed Olin and Crews, and nearly Ojeda.

These cards are his 1988 Topps and 1990 Fleer.


Anonymous said...

Bielecki's got a pretty neat autograph.

zman40 said...

That is a nice looking signature.