Tuesday, January 13, 2009

24 Contest Winner episodes 1-4

Wow - a good amount of interest! I'm happy to see that you guys are with me on the 24 train. By my Tally (and I did rewind a few times to verify a death or 2) there were a total of 8 kills in the first 4 episodes.

Jack Bauer - 0
Everyone Else - 8

Here is how I choose the winners - whoever guesses the overall death total will be the winner - if there is a tie (as there was this week) who ever is closer to Jack's total gets the prize. If I need to come up with other tie breakers, I will at that time.

FanofReds guessed that Jack will kill 3 and 8 will die total
Bobble Mike guessed that Jack will kill 6 and 8 will die total

Since Jack killed 0 and Fanofreds guessed 3 vs Bobble Mike's 6 - that makes FANOFREDS our winner from week!

So Chris - Congratulations - please take a look at the prize list and shoot me an email with your address (in case I cannot find it) and the 3 cards you want from Monday's post!

The official thread for next weeks episode will be posted Monday afternoon and all comments to qualify must be in before 9 PM Eastern Standard time. I will scan the cards that Chris chooses.

Thanks for playing and see you all next week with another contest! This will go on all season!


FanOfReds said...

Thank you "others" for all the carnage. It's not every day that carnage = baseball cards for me!

capewood said...

I guess I should have read all the rules. I thought we were supposed to count the death total during the show. Ok, I'm ready for next week.

MMayes said...

Please don't make the prizes too good. I don't want to be tempted to cheat and find spoilers!

I'm wondering if there is some sort of a record having been set here. Jack has now gone 4 hours plus without a kill. In fact, other than "Redemption", I guess his last verified kill may have been Cheng in Season 6 (we assume Phillip Bauer died on the oil rig, but we really don't know).