Friday, January 16, 2009

30 Packs for $15 park 2

All Right! The packs from my Target repack are 3 packs of 1990 Superstar Stickers from Topps! Each pack comes with 5 cards. The Fronts are a player card with stats and the backs have 1 or 2 stickers on them - I have scanned the front and backs of all the cards and now I am just going to choose which side is better - if you disagree let me know!

Okay - Scans of fronts are up top, backs on the bottom - this is the format for the whole post -

Roberto Alomar Vs. Daryl Strawberry and random Ranger
Edge - gotta go Strawman! The back really should lose for the faceless Ranger, but as a Mets
fan I gotta go with my guys

Mark McGwire Vs. Barry Bonds
Edge - wow - Here is a decision the HOF seems to not want to make either - we'll go McGwire for being less of a douche

Carlton Fisk Vs. Doug Drabek and Faceless Indian
Edge - Fisk no doubt

Ruben Sierra Vs. Barry Larkin
Edge - Larkin - While he may be on the fence - he at least had the career to get some HOF consideration

Joe Magrane Vs. Steve Bedrosian (?) and Carney Lansford
Edge - Gonna go with Joe Magrane here for being on my new favorite channel MLB Network all the time

Robin Yount vs. Random Astro and Terry Steinbach
Edge - Yount - HOF vs borderline all star
Howard Johnson Vs. Vince Coleman and Shane Mack?
Egde -C'mon - HOJO JO!
Mark Davis Vs. Von Hayes
Edge - Von Hayes has a shot named after him - he wins
Mike Scott Vs. Philli and Randy Johnson
edge - The Unit - future HOF for sure
Doc Gooden Vs. Daulton and Lee Smith
edge - do I even have to say it? Dr. K

Terry Steinbach Vs. A Pirate and Jack Morris
Edge - Jack Morris just for that Gem in the playoffs Vs. John Smoltz
Bret Saberhagen Vs. Ryne Sandberg
Edge - Ryno - sabes had a nice career but Ryno was one of the best of his generation
Steve Sax Vs. 2 Assholes
Edge - 2 Assholes
Gregg Olson Vs. Ron Darling and Bearded Twin
edge - Ronny Baseball
Cal Ripken Vs. Mark McGwire
Edge - gotta go with Clean Cal

So I'm going to put aside the Mets for me - the rest of this going into the "random box" anyone want any of this? let me know!



I want the Steve Sax one, I have a decent collection of his cards, missing that one!

steveisjewish said...

its yours - send me your address