Monday, January 19, 2009

24 Body Count Official Thread

Here it is!

Once again here are the rules

Please put a comment on this post with 2 numbers

1) the number of people who die by the hand of Jack Bauer
2) the number of people killed by everyone else in the show

The comments must be on this post before 8pm eastern time to qualify

The person with the closest overall kill total wins. If there is a tie - the person closes to Jack's number will win. Any other tie breakers will be determined as I need them.

Last weeks winner Chris from Nachos Grande won 2 autographed cards and a game used bat card. the prizes may not be like that each week, but I also don't have a ton of cards! This weeks prize will be a complete set of cards from the late 80's produced by a major manufacturer featuring baseball players - They are a brand of set that have recently been written about in one of the more widely read blogs recently. I'll announce the winner tomorrow!


FanOfReds said...

Any rules against entering again?

If not:
Jack kills 1
Total kills 3

SamDaMan said...


jack kills 0
total kills 2

MMayes said...

Jack kills 0 (I think they're trying to make a statement. So far he's on a 4-hour losing streak.)

Total kills 40 (I'm going to bet on Dubaku to "make a statement.")

Don said...

Jack kills 1
Everyone else kills 4

Dan said...

1 and 3 (Jack & others, respectively.)

zman40 said...

Jack kills three.
Total kills are five.