Monday, January 26, 2009

24 Body Count Thread

OK - we all know the rules by now right?

- All guesses must be in the comments on this post before 9pm EST today.
- guess 2 numbers -
1) how many people Jack Bauer will kill
2) how many people EVERYBODY else in the show will kill

Thats it -

To change it up - from this point forward - if the exact number of total kills is not guessed (thus far its been very close each time) I am going to carry the prize over to next week and so on until the exact number of overall kills is guess correctly! I'm taking the free parking approach to really make for some sweet winnings here.

This weeks prize is 100 random cards from the team of your choice! good luck and enjoy!


MMayes said...

Jack Bauer kills 0

Total dead 1,500

Sooz said...

Jack - 0
Total - 35

Andy said...

Bauer 1, total 7

FanOfReds said...

Jack kills 1
Total: 3

SamDaMan said...

bauer kills- 0
total- 4

Dan said...

Jack - 0
everyone else - 2

Anonymous said...

Jack - 0
Everybody else - 1

Don said...

Jack 0
Everyone else 5

Anonymous said...

Everyone else-6