Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Quick Trade Thanks

Recently I posted up a want list of 1989 Topps cards when I realized I was pretty close to completion of it. One of the first knights in shining armor who came to my aid was mark of Marks ephemera blog. In finally going through the cards and getting a post up for them, I realized that I had filed them all so. I do not know which cards where provided (as they are already crossed off the checklist) so I cannot say Mark - thanks for the Gene Larkin card! Because I just don't know.

But what I can ask you to do is go over and check his blog out. He's recently decided to refocus his collection - part of this plan seems to be getting rid of a bunch of 1980 Topps cards - I know that I don't have any of those and I'd like to build all of those 80s Topps sets from my youth, so you can be sure I will be following up on that with him. It also looks like we have an Expos collector - I do not know of any other of those out in Blogville, so gentlemen, get out those 5k boxes and start sorting. This man has a plan.

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MDA said...


Thanks for the thanks. I couldn't tell you what I actually sent. Enjoy.

Also thanks for the mention of my blog. I'm trying to navigate the delicacies of promoting the blog without seeming too pushy. I guess it just takes time and word of mouth.