Thursday, January 15, 2009

30 packs for $15 - Part 1

So recently at one of the big box stores I found a repack box that had 30 packs for $15. This is the the 2nd time I have given in to this temptation, and while I didn't get too much of value - I really did have $15 worth of fun opening them all up. I will be periodically showing everyone what was received set by set.

Today we have a pack of 89 Topps American Baseball. These are the first that I have come across these cards - They are all the mini variety and are pretty forgettable actually. I did pull a Met (David Cone) so I can't be too upset. Here is the total pack of 5 cards.

We got 1 Hall of Famer and 4 All Stars. I suppose that one cannot really be upset about that.
Each card on the back has a "Talkin' Baseball" box. Lets see if we can learn anything new! (all printed exactly as they appear)
* A Strike is a legal pitch called by umpire due to one of the 7 factors. One factor occurs when pitch is swung at by the batter and is missed completely.

* The "IP" category indicates the number of Innings Pitched by a pitcher. Innings are divided into thirds, crediting pitcher with number of outs achieved.
* A Forfeited Game is a game declared ended by an umpire in favor of offended team as a result of violations of the rules. the score is officially 9-0.
* In order to earn a Save a pitcher must finish game won by team, not earn win and (optional) enter game leading by 3 or less runs and pitch one inning.
* A Called Game is one which, for any or a number of reasons (such as inclement weather or field conditions), an umpire decides to terminate play.
Nothing really to earth shattering there, but I did not know that a forfeited game had an official score of 9-0


night owl said...

Apparently, these cards were issued primarily in England (which explains the basic baseball questions on the back). I didn't know that until I read it on someone else's blog just the other day.

I have a few of these and I don't remember how I got them. I know I wasn't in England. I think I got them at a collectibles/antique shop.

steveisjewish said...

That would certainly make sense - thanks for the heads up my man