Friday, January 23, 2009

Face Plant

So a quick note to say sorry for no posts lately - Since late Tuesday night I have been hit with the flu something awful - I've got packages here for Sam and Mark that have yet to hit the mail - but they are ready to go - I promise - I've gotten packages in the mail from Andy and Thorzul - they will be posted on --- eventually - right now sitting here isn't all that pleasant. I'm going back to bed.

Oh - the low point of this (minorly graphic, but i recognize that it is funny) and the reason for the title of this post

in my hurry to get to the toilet to purge through the mouth, I ran in and for support, put my left hand on my toilet paper dispenser and began puking - while trying to get my right hand down on the side of bowl for more support, the dispenser breaks and i went head first into the toilet bowl hitting my chin on the bowl and making a big pukey mess. Yes - This is how my year seems to be going.

The card world better have something good coming for me.


night owl said...

Well, if it makes you feel any better, you got a laugh out of me.

It's been going around. The family had it in December and a co-worker's going through it now. The bug just seems to keep hanging on this winter.

RoofGod said...

Sorry to hear about your ailing ways, but I did laugh out loud at your story.

dinged corners said...

"That's bad and funny, kinda," Lucy said, which seems to sum it up. We hope you are feeling better.