Friday, January 2, 2009

David Wright cards care of Wax Heaven

Last week - man am I behind on getting these posts up, I received a thank you from Mario over @ Wax Heaven. I sent Mario I 2 packages, a 2008 Timeline Andrew Miller GU Jersey card and a HUGE Topps Chrome of Jose Cruz Jr (I don't believe that they have been showed off yet on his blog), but he must have liked them because in the mail for me the other day was 19 different Wright cards from the past few years - What a great holiday treat and certainly over payment for a Miller/Cruz combo - but as we all know - we like and value who we like.

First we have the cards of David on the base paths - 08 Masterpieces, 08 UD base, and 08 Bowman - yea the Bowman one he has his glove on, but still, in the base paths! My favorite of this group is the Masterpieces - I think this is my favorite set of the year - I still need a whole bunch of them as I've cut back on my purchasing, but I really do like them.

Next up we have David Looking pretty in a series of portrait cards. Below we have 08 Heritage, 07 Goudey Mini, 07 UD Artifacts, 08 Ginter State Card, and finally the Chrome and Base of I'm not sure what retailer did this card - but you will see them below. My favorite card is the Goudey mini - i don't normally like minis, but this is the first Wright mini that I own.
Finally, we have David doing what he does best - Swinging the bat! 07 SP Authentic, , 07 Topps, 2 07 Topps Generation Nows, 07 SP Rookie Edition, 07 ultra, 08 UD Spectrum, 08 Timelines, and 2 08 Ud Heroes, one of the charcoal variety. My favorite here would have to be the SP authentic Rookie Edition Card. Not sure why, but it looks like he just got a hold of a nice gapper (and I'm not talking about a southern girl) in the photo.

So Mario, Thank you much and as always I'll keep an eye out for cards for your collection.

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dinged corners said...

Does everyone feel this about their favorite player?: we've never seen a David Wright card we don't like.