Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Gifts from GCRL part 2 (of many)

First off - in my carelessness I called out 1 death in 24 this week in fact, the dude wasn't dead! So we have Duane winning AGAIN! the man is on fire, or has advance dvds.... maybe he's juicing... who knows for sure - but the cards are their way out - thanks for correcting me guys!

So while things are slow and motivation is low here in Binghamton NY (where I work just laid off 30 people in my office, I was fine, but one of my best friends got let go...pretty bummed for sure) I am just going to be featuring a lot of the Mets cards that Jim from GCRL sent over.

When going through the package my wife came in the room and saw the 3 cards below and said

"Boy, these are stupid"

no no no honey - they certainly are not! We are looking at three Donruss big cards from 1986 of Ron Darling, Dwight Gooden, and Darryl Strawberry! and they are awesome....I've always wanted some BIG Mets but never came across any - I know that storing them is an issue, but I might get some kind of frame or something for them. I know that this is a 3some that any team would be happy to have in their heyday!

More Dr. K tomorrow!

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