Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Heart Breaking Christmas Present!

The day after Christmas I received 2 packages in the mail - the first I will discuss here today is from Matt at Heartbreaking Cards of Staggering Genius. I sent Matt a bunch of GIANT Diamond Kings which I due believe he enjoyed more than I thought he would because he sent me back a small, but very kickass package.

The first card is of a young Met ballplayer Eric Brown who played this past season with the Binghamton Mets - Now I had the pleasure to meet Eric this year and talk to him a bit and it was a real treat - down to earth kid who needs a haircut - like myself, but I'm not talented. unfortunately - I also had the displeasure of watching him blow almost every game he got into with us this year. hopefully he comes back this next year and I can get him to 1) sign this card for me! 2) give him some kind words and tell him to dominate the league in his second go around. This card is from 2008 Bowman Chrome and is numbered 378/599.

Next up is a duo of cards that I cannot believe Matt was Generous enough send to me. Here we have a 2007 Bowman Heritage Game used Carlos Beltran Bat and a 2008 Topps Carlos Beltran Bat card. I know that Carlos hasn't always lived up to his potential during his time with the Mets - but for all the time he is maddeningly inconsistent, he can also take the team on his back and carry us for weeks at a time. I feel strongly that his presence does indeed make us a much better team and I am glad to have him.

So thank you Matt very much - these cards are great and I am very happy to be able to add them to my collection.

Also - I gotta say that the book Matt's website is referencing in is really a great read and you should all check Dave Eggars out.


Matt F. said...

Glad you like them! Thanks for the trade.

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