Sunday, April 5, 2009

Body Count Thread!

This week, I will be purging my self of some game used cards of division rivals. These are cards I am not pleased to have anywhere near me, so now they can be yours! We all know the rules right?

how many for Jack>

how many for the rest>
Please liberate Brad and Chipper from my collection! As always all comments must be in by 9PM EST. Also, lets see some talk in the comments? How do you like the season so far? How does this compare to past seasons>? I know that in my mind, nothing beats season 3 - what do you think?


Duane said...

Jack 0
others 0

I missed the beginning of last week, so I had just assumed that someone had to be killed for Tony to have escaped.
I still think the 1st season was the best.
This season has, well heck the hallmark of 24 is so over the top it is unintentional comedy for me. Which turns into fear when I remember that we have actual elected/ appointed officials in our gov't who think 24 is a foundation for policy.
Oh I laughed about the chemical plant in Kidron Ohio, Kidron is 30 minutes from me and is in an Amish area and consists of a livestock salebarn and the world(?) famous Lehman Hardware store which sells no-electric/old time hardware items....and to bring it back to baseball, Lehman's is a big time advertiser on the radio station that I listen to Indians games on.
Oh thanks again for the contest Steve, I enjoy winning!!!

Anonymous said...

Others: 1
Jack: 0

Best season ever. They really know when to end storylines this season rather than drag it on because this season was so well-thought out and planned.

MMayes said...

Jack 3

Others 2

Total body bags soiled 5

I'm an oddball because I really don't compare the seasons while I'm watching one. I've found something in every season I've liked and other storylines that were yawners.

Season 1 -- liked the suspense of "who's the mole?" Didn't like the Keith Palmer storyline or Teri Bauer's doctor/friend storyline.

Season 2 -- liked Jack being drug back in and George Mason developing a conscience. Didn't like the Kim Bauer storyline.

Season 3 -- liked seeing Kate Warner's reactions to some unpleasant stuff coming out and Jack being real and breaking down at the end of a really tough day. Didn't like Chase Edmunds.

Season 4 -- liked the development of Secretary Heller (especially telling Audrey that the world needs guys like Jack Bauer) and Bill Buchanan coming in and actually trusting Jack. Didn't like the Tony/Michelle stuff.

Season 5 -- absolutely loved President Logan react to seeing all kinds of crap falling in around him. Didn't like the crazy Martha Logan storyline.

Season 6 -- liked the very end where Jack realizes he's gotten to a position where he's really all alone in the world. Can't think of a lot that really stood out in that season. Had a hard time suspending belief that the Bauer family could be involved in everything and wishing the storyline with Marilyn Bauer had a conclusion.

Season 7 -- so far I like Jack realizing that he's got to do what he's got to do whether it's popular or not. While I love the older characters, I'm not sure I like stretching the plot to give them cameos halfway across the country (Chloe, Bill and Dr. Sunny Macer have apparently moved to DC from California. Not sure if Aaron moved to DC or if he was here all the time and just happened to be in LA at bad times.)

Captain Canuck said...

going with Jack 2
others 2

I really want that Chipper... would've traded for it, now I gotta win it.

Don said...

Jack 0
Others 6

SamDaMan said...

jack 1
others 1

I liked season 5 the best. this season is pretty good so far