Monday, April 20, 2009

Body Count Thread

We all know the rules

Elisha was sub par hotness last week.

Jack -
Rest -

up for grabs?

some more NL east jokers

2008 Topps Heritage GU Johnny Estrada
2006 Turkey Red GU Brad Lidge

all guesses/comments in by 9PM EST on Monday!


Anonymous said...

Others: 12
Jack: 0

zman40 said...

That shirt should be on a female next time.

MMayes said...

I agree w/zman.... Put that shirt (size small) on Agent Walker...

Jack's back in action. He kills 2 Others kill 3.

Total carnage 5.

Duane said...

I missed last weeks show and saw 0 previews so I'll stick with my usual.

Jack 0
others 0