Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Gifts from Duane

Recently reader Duane has been on a hot streak with the 24 Body Count contest, well the luck turned around my way a bit when I received a package from him last week.

First up are 2 09 Heritage inserts I need towards my set. I really like the Rookie Performers set - I think that Samardizja is going to play a big role in that Cubs pen this year because Gregg is awful - and Heilman - well, lets say I have reasons to not have faith. Now, is it me, or does this Then and Now not make sense? Pitcher and a hitter? was that really the point of these? Could not find anyone comparable and really wanted these 2 players in the set?

Next up we have a 08 Heritage Jack Hannahan and 08 Masterpieces Al Kaline for my sets. Not much to say about Hannahan, but I really think that in annals of history - Kaline is overlooked as one of the most dominant power hitters ever. The dude was in-sane. Look it up on baseball reference.

Mex. I hate the Ring of Honor cards that dont feature Mets - and I only kinda like the ones that do. Its how I feel about Keith. Yes he was the heard of our last Championship. Yes he was a great fielder and very good hitter. But he's also a total jackass coke head. He knows a ton about baseball (his book was a very good one, learned a lot about baseball strategy) but I feel like he is socially challenged. Anyone else hear last year when he compared pitching in San Diegos Bullpen to being in a concentration camp? oh boy...

Next we have a nice bunch of Mets to add to add the collection. I really like this 93 Score Select design. I think the cards are very very sharp - who knows maybe in the next 20 yearsor so I may pursue the set.

Now we have another smattering of Mets - these mostly of the 92 Fleer Ultra variety. Again, this is another set that I was getting out of collecting right as this was coming out. I think these are very nice cards and its another long run set. Maybe one day I will look into it, maybe I wont - who knows. I just know its sharp.

Thank you kindly Duane - Good luck to everyone in the next body count contest!

Edit - It's Kaline up there - not Kiner - my bust - no excuses


Grand Cards said...

Sorry dude, that Masterpieces card is Tigers legend Al Kaline, not Ralph Kiner.

night owl said...

I like '93 Score Select a lot, too. And collecting it is not a bad idea. I'll have to add it to the list!