Saturday, April 11, 2009

Cards from Brandon or Greg - I Dont Remember!

So here is the other package I received in the last week or so that I dont remember where it came from. This is either from Greg over @ Lake Effect Cards in thanks for the Gordons, or from Brandon paying for grad school. I still feel dumb for not remembering, but at least the Cardboard Junkie has had the same problem recently.

Here you see Adam Jones from 08 upper Deck. He is a guy who has tons of upside and is getting a lot of love from the prognosticators in the fantasy land. I did not end up with him in any of my three leagues and thats okay. I hope he does well, the Orioles are an easy team to root for after being bad for so long. This leaves me needing only cards 496 and 522 for this set. Anyone?

Next we have 6 more cards needed for my 08 Topps set. We have a nice mix of veterans, young stars, rookies, and a solid bench player. We also have the ugliest card ever probably -I'm looking at you BJ. This is what is left from Series 2 needed

363, 417, 421, 425, 449, 456, 476, 485, 496, 543, 615, 624, 647,

I know I got emails in the past from someone who said they had them, but they never came, so the pursuit is back on!

Ahhh - 92 Topps - For years me and my buddy Gavin have been joking about how funny it would be to be Dennis Eckersley for Halloween. We just dont have the commitment to grow our hair for a few years and think that wigs are a copout. This is a Post Joey Belle card. Dude could mash. Here is what I need from 92 Topps

315, 340, 357, 735, , 772, 790,

getting close!

Is 91 Fleer not the worst set from 90-94? God its ugly. Gotta love Griffey and Mad Dog though. You don't have to love Berryhill, but I recommend you do.
Here is whats left
6, 53, 86, 132, 138, 145, 189, 302, 329, 358, 395, , 442, , 480, 511, 551, 561, 588, 600, 61, 652,

This guy was a coke head. this set is now complete!

Finally - we have some cards from this years set pursuits. You know - I HATED the Turkey Red set as a stand alone. Thought it was ugly and not worth my time. But wow - how much do I like it as an insert? I'm not that close to finishing it so no want list posted up. Of all of these players, the only one I ended up with on a fantasy team is Mauer who I got in round 13 in a roto league - just couldn't let him sit there any longer.

Finally, we have a New Age Performer of Carlos Quentin. I dont know what it is, but this is a guy I just don't believe in. Maybe he does it again and I end up with egg on my face, but I'm not holding my breath.

So thank Greg - I'm pretty sure this was your package, you brought me closer to a lot of sets I am working on and thank you for it!

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