Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Rey Rey - 97 Edition

Here are a few more of the Rey Ordonez cards from GCRL - these are the ones from 1997 that were in the package. Again, I don't know a lot about many of these cards since I was too busy with power chords and getting my first blow j than little slabs of card board. Here they are.

1997 Topps - A fairly basic design sharing time with Brian McRae it looks like. Nothing special here design wise. The back of the card only mentions his fielding - which is really the only thing you can say good about Rey

1997 Donruss - This design I like much more than the Topps - I like the small borders that fade on the bottom and left of the card leaving a full bleed effect - I like full blood a lot - borders are for countries not cards. Another card with Binghamton on it, so I am pleased all the more along with comparisons to Ozzie Smith - I wish it worked out that well - I am happy with Reyes now though.

1997 Upper Deck Collectors Choice - Here we have Rey getting thrown out at first (put out by Joyner). This is your standard Collectors Choice design. I seem to remember these cards always being nice... but kinda boring - that remains true here. The back of this card makes mention of Rey giving Jeter a run for his money for NY SS supremacy - didn't really work out that way did it?

98 Tomorrow!

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