Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Rey Ordonez - 98

At this point in his career everyone knew who Rey was - an all field no hit shortstop who had a severe propensity for multiple web gems per game. Not sure when in his career it happened, but he also punched teammate Luis Lopez in the face on the team bus. I always hated Lopez so I was still cool with Rey after that.

1998 Score - I love the picture on this card with Rey turning the double play while being taken out. As much as Score had done wrong, they certainly did a few things right. Clean design and a great photo. No photo on the back, but lots of stats/splits and a long paragraph about ole Rey Rey. ++

1998 Fleer sports Illustrated World Series Fever - Well - we all know by the time this card was printed, the Mets hadn't made any world series since Rey had hair on his crotch, so I am curious why the chose him in a World Series Fever set... This is super glossy and really boring. SO is the back.

1998 Upper Deck - Ahh, upper Decks legacy of hard to read card fronts will always live o and here is another example. Sure, the design is nice and the player name on the banner on the left is very easy to read, but the team on the bottom is not. Almost makes the card look like an error in that it was printed dark enough - its like someone forgot to fill in the letters. Back has a large action photo. I don't know about you guys - I like a portrait on the back and action on the front... like a reverse mullet of a card if you will.

1998 topps - Gold. Ugly

1998 Score - yup another one, but this one is different. It looks like ray is playing pepper or getting ready for BP. I still like the design, but this shows you what the picture means to a card. The earlier card shown is much better because the photo shows a very exciting point in a play or ball game - this shows us that Rey practiced a bit before games. Boring.

1998 Upper Deck Collector's Choice - Did you know Rey signed with the Mets in 1993 after defecting from the Cuban National Team? Well thanks to UD Collector's Choice you do now! another "classic" or should it be expected design from Ud CC - nice but not exceptional by any means.

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