Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Body Count Winner!

Reader Don came through and nailed it this week!

Jack had zero Kills
Rest had 10 (by my count there were 6 scientists)
Kim Hotness - he guessed 3

Wow - a LOT happened in this episode.

tony = Douche of Herculean proportions
Kim = Pants suit + need for proactive - 3 Hotness rating
Me - I did have a tear when Jack begged her leave - I know I know... whatever
50 Cent Look a Like - Is Tony his Eminem?

Don - I thought I had your address, cannot locate it - shoot me a line and I can get your cards out to you!

Everyone else - thanks for playing - see you next week I hope - if you want - discuss how tyou felt aobut this weeks episode here!

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