Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Random Set filler from Brandon or Greg - I dont know anymore

I dont know anymore - I have a few packages sitting on my desk - those I know who came from - others I have just stacks of cards - no marking and no memories - So these cards are either from reader Brandon who is earning some dough for grad school or Greg @ Lake Effect Cards . I hope neither of you are offended - I cannot keep anything together anymore- its been a weird few weeks.

Anyway, first on the list were a few 93 Donruss cards I needed towards my set. Who are 2 people who are more notable for their off the field behaviors than their skills - both are notorious assholes. One boned Madonna, the other threw a bucket of water on Tim McCarver... Honestly - I'd rather water Tim McCarver I think.

There was a good stack of cards for my 92 Topps set as well. I chose to feature Scott Radinsky since I was a big fan of his punk band in high school when I wasnt really following baseball as closely as I do now. Next we have a draft pick card of one of the few who worked out from this set, Calvin "Pokey" Reese. He had himself a nice career. Finally, we have a Alex Arias rookie card - and 3 scrubs.
Now with my 89 topps set, I dont think I ever realized that all I needed left were futher hall of famers. go figure. I love this set. I think I may like it more than 87 Topps the more I play with it. Also, the Steve Avery card is everything a baseball card that isnt an action shot should be.

Finally, we have a few 89 Donruss cards. I always liked Dunston - he was a "rifleman" for goodness sakes! I dont remember the year, but one time my boy scout troop took a trip down to Yankee stadium. My buddy Chris was a Roberto Kelly fan and he made a sign that said "Nobody Beats Roberto. Rocking Roberto". I still find that amusing.

well - gotta get ready for work now since ball games start at noon today! take it wasy! Also - Eliott Smith is overrated. I dont care if you died, that doesnt make you good - albums with more than 4 good songs do - god this stuff is boring.

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