Monday, April 6, 2009

GCRL Cards - Gregg Jefferies

Lately I have really been struggling to post - I'm sorry to those of you who look here regularly - between The Show, Fantasy Leagues, stress at work and such - really just dont have a lot of motivation. So I will be doing some posts here and there for a while until I get my groove back, but probably not daily until I really get back into the swing - but who knows, that could be Wednesday - we'll just have to wait and see.

The cards I am showing today are more from the bounty that Jim @ GCRL sent over. Below is the Great White Hope Gregg Jefferies. A very talented kid who just happened to be a complete asshole. A Couple of odd ball cards - all of these besides the Score card are new to me. I don't know why - but no matter what happens - I always find myself happy to find a Jefferies as a Met cards. This may be because he does sign cards through the mail (I'll post up my success at some point) so that does make me like him even more! Either way - Gergg went on to have a nice career - but was the never the superstar for us he was supposed to be.

Now, a set that I get cards of every now and again that I wish I was collecting when it came out is this Topps Fan Favorites set. I don't know what it is, but I absolutely love these cards. Does anyone really have info on what this set was all about? I did a quick search a few days ago and didnt find anything out really. But Jim - thank you again - next up will be HoJo!

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night owl said...

I love the Fan Favorites set. One of my favorites of all-time.

Topps put it out between 2003-05. It featured top players (although some of them weren't very good -- Tom Neidenfuer, Barry Lyons -- and some of them weren't even players -- Rudy Giuliani) on past Topps designs that corresponded with the time period that the player played in.

The set basically got me back into collecting modern cards.