Monday, April 20, 2009

Rey Ordonez - The Mets Years - 1996

Rey Ordonez was featured a lot in the box that Jim @ GCRL sent over - so I will be taking you through a bunch of Rey Rey cards from his time with the Mets, year by year. First up is 1996 - The Rookie Cards! Keep in mind I was not collecting at all at this time - so I may not be too keen on what set is what - they may be base cards, they may be weird other sets I've never seen before - please don't judge me!

1996 Topps Rookie Prospects - Card shared with Tim Harkrider, Neifi Perez, and Enrique Wilson. A couple of these guys (Perez and Wilson) went on to have nice careers - I kind of like the multiple prospect cards - am I the only one?

1996 UD SP Premier Prospects - I really think this is a sharp card - I like the green/blue theme, the foil is there, but not gaudy at all. One of my favorite cards of the bunch.

1996 UD Diamond Destiny - Easily the ugliest card of this years lot. The circle in the upper right is a see through portrait of Rey's face. what the hell was Ud thinking when they designed this card? Just because you can, doesn't mean you should.

1996 Ud Collectors Choice Rookie Class - Just a nice looking card - This card gets bonus points for name checking Binghamton on the back!

1996 Ud Global Impact (Special Report) - another great looking card - I would not mind seeing more like these - There is always a fine line between really neat and really ugly - This card fell on the right side of that debate.

1996 UD Defensive Gems - meh - its nice.

1996 Upper Deck Major League Debut - This card is great because it has a caption on the front "Shows intensity as he scores vs Astros 7/14/96" Wouldn't it be sorta neat if all cards had a short note somewhere on the front or back of at least the date or game the photo was from?

Well, that is all of them. I have a feeling that 1996 is going to be a tough year to beat in the battle for Rey Ordonez supremacy! Don't forget to play for the 24 body Count contest above this week!

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