Saturday, April 18, 2009

Cards From Steve K!

A few weeks back I got a package from Steve K whom we all know and love. Mets fan from the garbage state who shares the same addictions as the rest of us. I sent him a few 09 Heritage and 08 Stadium Club he needed and he in turn took charge at my want lists!

First and foremost - a bunch of 09 Heritage - 49 cards in all - towards my set - I will continue to show the players I have rostered at any point this year.

Jay Bruce - Have him in 2 leagues... so in two leagues I have no production out of right field - Thanks asshole - start hitting....
Chad Billingsley - Man Crush alert - Love this guy - he;s been solid as expected
John Danks - Been great so far - looking forward to riding him all year if I can
Robinson Cano - This is what I was hoping for in the 8th round - Keep it up Robby
Taylor Teagarden - Fight for playing time... and losing
Ian Snell - Injury replacement du jour - forgettable thus far

Next up were 31 2007 Bowman heritage cards. do a lot of people not like this set or was it just that it came out before there were 100+ baseball card blogs? I dont really have anyone who i know who collected back then to get an opinion from on this set. Me - A fan.

John Lackey - and we wait...
Pat Burrell - I've been lucky on picking his spots to play this year - so I've gotten good production when I throw him out there
Robinson Cano - already discussed

Finally - 22 08 Stadium Club cards -
Prince Fielder - start hitting or eating cheeseburgers. Either way I will like you better
Nick adenhard - I did not have him rostered, but did last year. Rest In Peace kid.

There were also 7 07 52 Rookies in the box - great set fodder, not great fantasy fodder

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