Monday, April 13, 2009

Body Count Thread

Here is the thread - sorry its up a few days let - Just forgot about it!

Had a bit of a fuck up last week and thought I lost the Lidge and Chipper cards - well I found them - In my scanner - So Bailey elected to get a couple of packs of cards so those will be going out to him - That means week 2 of Lidge and Chipper being available!

New Wrinkle this week - I have a strong feeling that Kim Bauer (Elisha Cuthbert) is gonig to show up this week or soon. So here it is you will be guessing

How many kills for Jack -

How many kills for others-

how hot on a scale of 1-5 Kim looks -

this is subjective and will be used as a tie breaker in the event of one - so if someone uses the same guess as you this can help figure out the winner! its also an excuse to post this.

Good God - good Luck


Wax Heaven said...

You can't go around posting pictures of Elisha and expect me NOT to show up. :)

RoofGod said...

Jack: 2
Others: 1
Elisha Hotness: 5

"That Elisha Cuthbert so hot, want to touch the heine."

Captain Canuck said...

Jack 1
Others 3
Elisha 5

Anonymous said...

Jack: 0
Others: 3 + missile launch (hit city of thousands)
Elisha: 3 (sorry, comparatively, there's a lot hotter people. I think the doctor is hot)

Don said...

Jack 0
Others 10
Elisha: 3

night owl said...

OK, because of Elisha, you've got me to enter even though I don't watch the show:

Jack: 1
Others: 4
Elisha: 5 1/2, easily.

SamDaMan said...

jack 1
others 2
elisha 6

Slette said...

Jack: 0
Others: 4
Elisha: 30

AdamE said...

I don't watch the show but with her on it I may start.

MMayes said...

Jack kills 0

Others kill 5

Elisha, I'll give her a 4, more on the top photo than the bottom, although she's just Sean Avery's seconds.......

Duane said...

Jack---1 (he kills Kim b/c she is so god-awful stupid and he can't take it anymore.)


Elisha---5 mainly b/c I don't want the entire NHL coming after me(affirming the great taste in women that your typical NHL goon has). Of course you would be going after the entire NHL which may affect that score.