Thursday, April 23, 2009

Rey Ordonez - 1999 Edition

There were only a few 99 Rey's included in the huge package from GCRL . Lets run through them.

1999 skybox Thunder- Everything about this card is ugly. The weird border on the top of the card is like a little boys bedspread. The blue/green/ tarp background is nasty. The back says something really stupid. "Man, your skillz on defense are intense. You'd be a better fielder with your bare hands than most are with a glove. Much Love" really fucking stupid - if you don't believe me, check out the small scan below. Oh - yes that is the way the spelled skills.

1999 Upper Deck - Now this is better - reminds me a little of the Topps Finest design without being too gaudy - straight lines, nice photo, clear back with photo - kudos.

1999 Upper Deck collectors Choice - This card strays from the designs of the last few years - this almost looks like they tried poorly for a retro look. Nice card, not remarkable.

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